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For so long now I have talked about sticking with classics or supporting local designers who use indigenous craftsmanship and natural materials as the best option for a Sustainable wardrobe in countries where we don't have many affordable "eco fashion" choices. Recently at the launch of the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion I also spoke about how mainstream brands need to be a huge part of the movement by allowing consumers to a wider array of choices and price points so that EVERYONE has the ability to choose a more planet friendly option. I am super happy to see more and more brands using sustainable advances like TENCEL™️ fibres in their collections. TENCEL™️ fibres are made from tree fibres and has low impact on water. Now, when I need to buy clothes for the family I have a wider range and choices which is great especially when the kids grow out of them so fast. Join the movement of #MakeItFeelRight by hashtagging it and wearing your sustainable clothing!

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