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Marci Zaroff Discusses What You Can Do To #MakeItFeelRight in 2019

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Eco-warrior Marci Zaroff is a force to be reckoned with in the sustainable fashion movement. She first coined and trademarked the term “Eco fashion” in 1995 and has been creating and selling sustainable garments and home fashions since the 90s. Zaroff was instrumental in the development of the respected Global Organic Textile Standard, which certifies finished textile products as organic. As we move towards a more environmentally friendly future, Zaroff outlines what we can all do today to become a little more sustainable in 2019.

Do you want to “Make It Feel Right”? Are you wondering how you can be a part of the eco-fashion movement? 2019 will be the breakout year for sustainable fashion, so it’s time to find out what you can do to make a difference.

When purchasing garments, always look at care labels and avoid fibers that are harmful to the environment such as non-biodegradable synthetics. Non-biodegradable synthetic based textiles contain small plastic microfibers which can shed when washed and end up in the ocean. Instead, look for garments that are made from certified sustainable fibers such as TENCELTM Lyocell and certified organic cotton.

To create a front of mind awareness, consumers should always be curious and ask the question of “Who made my clothes?” Fashion brands such as MetaWear, Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman have a proven track record with sustainability and clearly, indicate their certifications on their labels. Two-thirds of all textile purchases still come from non-biodegradable based synthetic textiles and the availability of preferred alternatives now makes it much easier to make a material change.

Beyond understanding your clothes and its fiber content, there’s also much more you can do to make a positive impact on the fashion revolution. Join the circular economy by reusing, renting, repurposing and recycling. Consider using services like Rent the Runway for garment rentals, rather than buying new pieces you won’t wear often. Swap and shop at the Global Fashion Exchange, Renewal Workshop and the Real Real.

The circular economy supports extending the life cycle of our clothing, so they don’t end up in landfills, and by reading care labels, you can learn how to treat your clothes better along the way. Washing garments less, and with cold water, not only saves water and energy but will also keep your clothing in better condition for longer wear. And don’t forget to hang dry!

We need to protect our home, the environment and each other. There is no Planet B. Each small step can have a profound impact on an industry plagued by waste problems and environmental concerns. Being a part of the solution is simple, empowering and fun. Sustainable fashion is not about giving something up; it’s about getting more. Let’s wear the change and co-create a stylish, sexy and sustainable world together in 2019!

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