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Immy Lucas shares her sustainable spring wardrobe, and essential tips for more mindful clothing purchases

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Immy Lucas – Founder of Low Impact Movement and the face of Sustainably Vegan, has released a new video detailing her favorite pieces for the Spring season. Her Sustainably Vegan YouTube channel is full of tips that we can all use to lessen our impact on the environment and play a kinder role in the treatment of animals. This may begin with ways of how to reduce waste, and extends to the clothing choices she makes too. “I want to wear fibers that are not only good to me but are also good to the planet,” Lucas says.

“Knowing over two-thirds of the clothing we consume ends up as waste is just unbelievable,” says Lucas. “The #Make It Feel Right campaign aims to empower us as consumers, to make better and more environmentally friendly choices.” Immy urges everybody to read clothing labels and ensure the garment’s fabrics are sourced ethically and sustainably before purchasing. She offers preferred fibers, such as the TENCEL™ branded Lyocell and Modal fibers, as great alternatives to more environmentally detrimental natural or synthetic materials. Immy loves TENCEL™ branded fibers, which in fact are primary materials in the first two garments of her spring wardrobe. A super soft and chic dress, and an eco-friendly pair of trousers from Armedangles. For Immy, these are just some of the great ways that we can all take action against unsustainable practices, and aim to engender a profound positive change in fashion. “The efforts will drive sustainable practices that will become affordable to all,” she says.

Immy is a self-proclaimed minimalist in addition to the low impact lifestyle she leads. She prides herself in her sustainable choices, and the remainder of her spring edit exemplifies this. Apart from the TENCEL™ based pieces, each of her remaining garments are thrifted or second-hand. Some have even found an enduring place in her wardrobe. Her favorite pair of denim for the spring are blue washed vintage Levis. Made from 100% cotton, and with excellent quality, she has held on to them for some time. “I’ll be able to use them for the next few years at least,” she adds.

Her mentality is simplicity. “I like simple things that go together, and that are easy to relax in.” Investing in great quality pieces that are built to last and flawlessly augment any wardrobe is Immy’s mantra. “They don’t have to be expensive.” Take her favorite spring dungarees as an example - “I love them because they are so comfortable.” They were another thrifted find, and aptly complement her collection and style.

Her tips are simple, and her wardrobe is effortlessly enduring, timeless and most importantly, sustainable. Environmentally friendly clothing can come from many places, and don’t necessarily mean splurging on the most expensive fabrics or latest designs. Mindful purchasing, with a low impact objective can be just as meaningful. Not to mention, you’ll look great rocking a pair of vintage Levis too!

Check out Sustainably Vegan’s full Spring Collection linked here, and explore the #Make It Feel Right website for more tips and tricks to maximize your own sustainability.

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