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Big Closets Small Planet with Michael Schragger - Innovation in Climate Action

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Our #MakeItFeelRight Eco-Supporter, Sustainable Fashion Academy, is presenting a new series of podcast on sustainable fashion:

INNOVATION IN CLIMATE ACTION - The H&M group boldly committed to becoming climate positive by 2040. But getting there requires unprecedented leadership and change. Is the H&M group in over its head?

And what can the H&M group’s journey teach us about the larger challenges and opportunities facing the industry overall? In a refreshingly candid and constructive interview, Mike spoke with the H&M group’s Kim Hällström about what has happened since the company first made their important public climate commitment and what we can learn from the H&M group’s insights and experiences in order to help the entire apparel industry reduce its emissions in line with a 1,5 degree warming pathway.


May 22nd, 2019 49 minutes 19 seconds


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  • H&M Foundation
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