Create a fun 15-second video that shows off how stylish sustainable fashion and you can be on TikTok and Instagram.


Bust the eco-fashion myth

To begin with, given an example of typical misperception or stereotype of sustainable fashion. Make it weird and funny. Use the sound track of Do It Right by Martin Solveig when create your video.


Dress up in your eco-fashion look

Show how stylish and chic sustainable fashion could be! Tag your outfits and explain why they are sustainable. End the video with a simple pledge on promoting sustainable fashion.

  • wear sustainable brands
  • wear secondhand clothes
  • repair clothes
  • recycle clothes
  • upcycle clothes
  • rent clothes
  • share closets with others
  • participate in clothing swaps
  • make your own clothes
  • rediscover clothes you own
  • make sure your clothes are made of good ingredients


Use #MakeItFeelRight and #MakeAPledge and post

Make the pledge as your post description! Don’t forget to hashtag #MakeItFeelRight and #MakeAPledge.

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Redeem your Tree Certificate

Go to our “Tree Cert” page to register your TikTok/Instagram pledge post. We will plant a tree on your behalf with our partner One Tree Planted. In return, we will send you a Tree Certificate to thank you for your contribution to global reforestation.

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how small fashion changes make a big environmental difference

making one cotton shirt costs

  • about 4.5 months of power for the average US household
  • about 3 years of water needed for the average adult
  • about 2.1kg of CO2 emission

making one pair of jeans costs

  • about 200 showers or 8,183 liters of water
  • about 100 miles driven in a car or 41.1kg of CO2 emission

one less load of laundry saves 60.6 liters of water

making one adult wool sweater costs 221 gallons of water

if annual clothing microfiber pollution from our clothes was eliminated from oceans, it would equal the removal of 50 billion plastic bottles per year